Why Hong Kong? Hong Kong’s advantages

Hong Kong does have a number of advantages over other Mainland cities, and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. These do factor heavily in the decision-making process of multi-nationals looking for a regional base, or of small and medium-sized enterprises looking for a foothold in the Mainland market or the Asian region.

The most important is Hong Kong’s legal system, which is trusted, tried and tested by international business.

Hong Kong’s capital account is fully convertible, and there are no restrictions on foreign exchange dealings. Property, securities, gold and silver can be bought and sold by anyone, without restriction.

A strong and well-regulated financial sector, a free press, the free flow of information, low taxes and a simple taxation system, a pool of managerial talent with international experience, ease of access, proximity to major markets, and a dense network of services firms are among the strengths and advantages of doing business in Hong Kong.

Minimum requirements to register a Hong Kong company

• 1 director (no restriction on nationality)

• 1 shareholder (no restriction on nationality)

• 1 company secretary (required, but we can serve as your nominal company secretary)

• No capital investment required

• Minimum one share to be issued ($1 HKD=1share)

• Taxes levied only on profits arising in HK

How do register a Hong Kong company?

Company Incorporation in Hong Kong – 3 or 4 steps:

• Pre-incorporation

• Incorporation of your HK company

• Bank account opening

• Post-incorporation


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