Hong Kong Two-tiered Profits Tax Rates Regime

Hong Kong Two-tiered Profits Tax Rates Regime

What Is a Two-Tiered Tax Rate? The Two-Tiered Tax Rates Regime involves two profit tax rates. Under the new system, the first HK$2 million of a company’s profits are taxed at a lower profits tax rate of 8.25%, while profits above HK$2 million are taxed at the standard profits tax rate of 16.5%.

The profits tax rate for the first HK$2 million (US$250,000) of profits of corporations will be lowered to 8.25%. Profits above that amount will continue to be subject to the tax rate of 16.5%.

The hong Kong Two-Tiered Profit Tax has been implemented to support small and medium-sized enterprises. This will reduce the tax burden on enterprises, especially SMEs and startup enterprises, and will help foster a favorable business environment, drive economic growth, create job opportunities and enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness.

However, if an entity has one or more connected entities, the two-tiered profits tax rates can only apply to one nominated entity among its connected entities. The others will not qualify for the two-tiered profits tax rates. 

Interest, gains or profits derived from qualifying debt instruments that are already subject to tax at half-rates under the existing provision will be excluded from the proposed two-tiered profits tax rates regime.